Meet Jeph

Hi, I’m Jeph. I am a husband and father to three little ones living in Canada. I’d love to say my kids are future runners, but so far only one has any interest and one can’t even walk. I discovered running when a buddy challenged me to a half marathon. I signed up and did a couch to half marathon in 16 weeks.

That summer I made every mistake in the book. It’s a miracle I didn’t get injured. I ran that race with the goal of not walking and not dying. I am proud to say I accomplished both those goals.

A few months later I joined a running group and learned how to train properly. Since then, I have loved connecting with other runners in person and on social media, mostly Instagram. I’ve helped numerous people achieve their goals, work through injuries and overcome the mental hurdles that running can bring on. I seek to be the person I needed during that first summer of running.

Since that time, I have made it my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I wanted to qualify before I age up. I worked hard and my first marathon was a disaster. I failed in so many different ways, but I managed to finish. I was determined to prove myself that I could do better. Six weeks later I ran my second marathon and in just 18 months from getting off the couch, I had a BQ!

I was able to reach my goals, and now I seek to help others reach theirs. Feel free to check out my blog or browse some race and gear discounts. If you have some running goals that you would like to achieve, head over to the coaching page. I would love to help you reach those goals.